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Are you looking for a rice to be consumed cold in the summer? Or a perfect one for your famous risotto?
Or one rich in fiber for light and fast recipes? You’re in the right place!
All our varieties of rice, 100% Italian from seed to grain, are ready to enhance all your recipes!
Riso Carnaroli Classico 1 - Riso Acqua e Sole

Classic Carnaroli Rice

There's a good reason that Carnaroli is known as "the king of rice". Its high starch content, its fuller consistency and its longer grains give it the perfect bite when cooked. It's the word "Classic", though, that tells you you're using genuine Carnaroli rice.
Riso Carnaroli Integrale 1- Riso Acqua e Sole

Classic Whole Grain Carnaroli Rice

Whole grain rice has far more nutritional properties than white rice, as it undergoes less processing and therefore retains more fibre. It is very easy to digest, helps the intestine and has a lower glycaemic index than refined rice.
Riso Arborio 1 - Riso Acqua e Sole

Arborio Rice

Ideal for risottos, plain rice dishes and timbales. The grains are large, pearly and absorb plenty of water when cooking, increasing the rice's weight considerably. The way the rice cooks is unique: the grain cooks evenly on the outside, but tends to remain firm in the centre.
Riso Sant'Andrea Classico 1 - Riso Acqua e Sole

Classic Sant'Andrea Rice

This is a long grain rice. Its size and intrinsic properties provide the perfect balance between bite after cooking and an ability to absorb sauces. This is why many people prefer it to Carnaroli when making risottos, while others use it more often in soups.
Riso Roma Classico 1 - Riso Acqua e Sole

Classic Roma Rice

This is a full-bodied, very compact, long grain rice that absorbs any sauce perfectly, yet the grains remain compact and well separated. It is ideal for risottos, rice with sauces and pies: its high percentage of starch makes risottos perfectly soft and creamy.
Riso Integrale originario Il Cardinale 1 - Riso Acqua e Sole

Original Whole Grain Rice, Il Cardinale

Whole grain red rice isn’t a commonly known variety. It is very nutritious and packed with fibre. It is also an antioxidant, contains vitamin B6 and minerals, such as iron, magnesium and zinc, and helps keep blood sugar levels in check.
Riso Integrale aromatico, originario Il Moro 1 - Riso Acqua e Sole

Original Aromatic Whole Grain Rice, Il Moro

This rice has such an intense and full bodied flavour that it can be eaten even without a sauce. It is enjoyed for its low glycaemic index and the properties of the natural pigment which slow the physical ageing process.